1 for 5 in making NCAA

If we don’t make tourney this year.

Granted, we have taken off the NCAAs for some 15 years now roughly, but not a good stretch for a once nationally proud program that was top 20 all time appearances.

I was not for a change last year after missing tourney again then.

Not sure where I am yet this year. I cried man tears when Mike came back and thought a great program healing underway. And he deserves credit for coming close to some tourneys.

But missing tourney yet again is rough prospect to digest.

No answers.

Come on guys, just make the dance.

Actually wouldn’t it be 1 in 6?

Or 1 in 3?

I hear you.

1 in last 3 years. And that clearly was a good team no doubt.

A case can be made to throw first two years out as I do believe he inherited mess.

But unfortunately I believe the actual record is 1-5 in making tournaments.

I’m so numb anymore on direction of program.

So many of us want him to succeed.

I just don’t know what to think if take full inventory at end of season 6 and only one ncaa appearance.

My concern is look back and this is a typical FEB. team for MA, Its there to see! Should be peeking but thats always in JAN it seems, then down hill as FEB continues consistently! I’m a MA fan! But its getting old, this team is too talented to play like this, ITS COACHING, YOU CAN SEE!!!