1-4 hitters need to wake up!

1-27 in the series…come on guys!!

I wonder if we’ll see a shuffle between 3-7 in the lineup tomorrow. Kjerstad and Fletcher are hitting well enough that they might need to move up some.

yesI would move Kjerstad in the 4 spot and shaddy in the 2 hole and Cole in the 3 bonfield to 6(takes too many pitches)

I agree, but pitching and defense did us in today!

I don’t know how many walks we gave up. The last number I heard was 8, but I know it was more.
Walks and errors are a recipe for losing!
Pitching was absolutely atrocious today.

The Hogs gave up 8 walks. Getting behind so many batters caused multiple problems.

Thanks! Eight is enough! Eight too many!
I look for Murphy too come out focused tomorrow.
He better!