1,370 transfers to date

I saw something today that now that the one-time transfer rule is semi-approved, there may be more than 2000 kids enter.

I think you’ll see some of the older coaches retiring sooner than they wanted. Roy Williams is one.

The portal, one-time transfer and NLI makes coaching a whole new game.

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BTW, I have heard many don’t know this, but this rule is not for just this year. It is a permanent rule until it is changed. So, this transfer portal number is here to stay from this year out.


I don’t think it will be this high every year. Kids want to try out the new thing. I think it will be fairly high on an annual basis, but not 2000 D-I hoopsters a year. Maybe 1000 or so.

I saw something that quite a few of the kids in the portal were walk-ons, like Obukwelu. Maybe they think they can play this into scholarships somewhere.

If they are walk ons, why are they not free to go to another school? I am asumming a walk on has no schollie and no oblgations, but I may be out of the loop.

A transfer is a transfer, scholarship or not. They still had to sit out a year to play at the new school.

Yeah, when I meant high I was thinking 1000 or so. It was 400, just a few years ago and think it was about 700 last year.

I think it is a great rule. Unless you spend a year at the school, you cannot be sure you made the right choice. Kind of like until you live with a person, you don’t know if it is a right fit. And allowing this to happen no more than one time eliminates abuse,

I think graduation rates will continue to decline over the next few years. For one thing all the hours don’t transfer school to school. When transfers sat out a year most likely those kids would be well on their way to a degree.

My theory on that is that the kids who are serious about their academics will continue to be serious about their academics, whether they transfer or not, and the kids who aren’t serious won’t care, whether they transfer or not.

The NCAA holds schools that accept transfers responsible for making sure those kids graduate under GSR. Now they may have to tweak GSR a bit to account for all of these transfers, since the average D-I school is losing 3-4 players.

Since Umude and Lykes are both grad transfers, I’m not sure how they apply to GSR. Toney may be a grad transfer as well. I just realized that Toney went to high school in Fayetteville – Fayetteville, NC, where I used to live.

Agree with your take. Don’t think Toney is a grad transfer.

Hope to see that Muss can continue to have the same great success in utilizing the transfer portal in upcoming years. A growing number of top schools are recognizing the benefit of the portal & now using it to improve their programs with better players. There will be a lot of competition to the benefit of top teams, including Arkansas. With players looking to upgrade, many of the lesser BB programs will consequently suffer.

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