Just realized we are 1-12 In our last 13 conference games. To borrow a word from another frequent poster/sparring partner on this board.

Lord have MERCY.

We really REALLY need to find a way to win the next two to change, albeit slightly, the narrative and vibe around this program.

Yea even Tenn broke an 11 game SEC losing streak.

I’m still at a loss at how we lost that game to Missouri in 2016 (the first L in those 12). It is bumfuzzling. Oh, I know all the reasons, but just hard to understand how we could blow such a big lead. The way we lost that one was eerily similar to the loss to RebSharks last night.

I can think of several losses the last 5-6 years that had the potential to put us back On track & instill a whole different attitude, including that 14-13 Bama loss at home had we won them.
Afterwards we get the head scratchers losses like the Mizzu game u speak of & others.

I told a friend today at church we have a recent history of folding in the 2nd half easier than an old Boy Scout pulp tent.


Geez, no wonder the frustration. I didn’t realize this and seeing it in print only makes it worse :cry:

The record is the folly of attempting Big Ten football in the SEC.

We have consistently snatched defeat from the jaws of victory over the last 4 years.

we are 13-39 in conference play since 2011, Vandy is 15-36. That tells you where we are as a football program so do not kid yourselves, we look up to everybody in the league.

OMG, it is like we got the death penalty and nobody told us :o

We have officially become the doormat of the SEC.

2 or 3 top 15 recruiting classes along with an offense that is unpredictable when fully installed should improve this path we are on.

I am a firm believer in Morris and the direction of this program. A long way to go, but the wins will start happening and happening sooner than later.

We are crawling out of the cellar now, but will be fighting the big guys for victories in the next year or two…

It starts with recruiting and a vision…

I think the jury is still out on Morris and yes, he needs more time. He has shown that he can recruit. I’ve been to enough games to say that some of the play calling is suspect and I still see the lack of 2nd half adjustments that plagued Belemia’s staff. I don’t know if the play calling is on him or his young OC. Even the players say Ole Miss made 2nd half changes to the defense and we still stayed with the same play calling after all our offensive injuries. The team has improved and I see victories in the next 2 games.

Rzbackangler, I agree that the jury is still out. I’m not sure that we can fairly evaluate calls when the starting QB and two top RBs go out. I’m also aware that the offense is only about 30% installed.

It hurts to watch, but I’m trying to look for positives … really, really trying.

I’m starting to give this observation more credence

There is an attitude in Big Ten FB that the players of “Just Students” Arkansas has never had “Just Students” playing football

Much like Nebraska, Bama and Paper Clip - the Players are more than Students - they are the Face and pride of the state

Arkansas players are not just students like in the Big Ten

Besides I observe Big ten Football to be a scripted methodical system that players occupy - SEC Football is great players who perform live on stage in a system - Big difference

By now, I’m sure that there’s more than 30% of the offense installed. Morris even said that we used plays against Alabama that we haven’t used before. As others have pointed out and I agree, Ole Miss had a depleted secondary that should have been exploited more. Just my opinion…

But with the loss of each offensive player starting early with Boyd that % of offense installed declines. Then Whaley goes down, then Storey. It’s obvious Boyd has become such an integral part of the offense in the run & pass game. Not only physically but mentally involved in all aspects of this offense.