0 positives among MLB players

Tested 12,276 people and no players and only two staff members tested positive… That is great news!

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Where did you see this? I’m not finding it anywhere.


Scrolled across the bottom of the screen of ESPN I believe.

Thanks. Amazing what happens when you stay in your room, wear your mask and do the other stuff right.

Apparently, that was for one week…maybe the latest one.

That is the latest results.

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LOL! Looking forward to the next report. :mask:

Sounds like you are disappointed?? they haven’t had bad numbers for several weeks that’s why everybody’s playing.

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You are posting on the football board. On what seems closer to topic, TN has decided to “pause” practice due to the positive tests they are receiving. I accept your posts for the content.
Semper Fi.

I put it on the football board because I thought more people here would check the football board.football positives are going to be different than baseball Positives. I think baseball for the most part except for couple of teams has been very successful dealing with this.

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It serves as a great reminder of how easy this is: not very easy, but possible. Possible beats not possible. Lots of people who aren’t doing anything to help who could make a big difference by doing just a little - have 20% of the population go from “nothing” to “something” + the 60% already doing their part is what we need.

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