0 Games to Go!

Been counting this down until the real season starts. Well, the real seasons is now here and opens in Red Stick next week. Is this team ready? Looking at the next few games, we will not have to wait long to find out.

The team has lost what most of us thought were their two most talented players. Yet, they still seemed poised to go into the conference ready. How many programs could lose TB and Nick and still be this good? That is crazy. As it is, I suspect there will be some nights when it just does not happen, but their defense should keep them in most games. I am concerned about rebounds. I would like to see that better.

The team is fun to watch because of course they are good and talented, but also because they play so hard and they really care about winning and each other.

Time to put an extra tug on those seat belts. It is going to be a wild ride from here on out. I don’t see anymore 30 pt leads at half.



DEPTH ! Almost unheard of in Arkansas but when it shows up it’s awesome, Muss has it and Sam’s trying to get some. It showed up last night big time and will only get better in my opinion, we will still take some lumps but we are going to be an even tougher out in March than we are now. WPS

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