0-2 pitch!!

Unbelievable! Just cannot keep the ball out the middle plate

Just be thankful those homer are solo shots!

I’m thinking Reindl comes in now.

Loeske didn’t pitch last weekend in the regional I don’t think. He needs to be sharp too! Jake may work tomorrow.

I was concerned about that since he hadn’t pitched he doesn’t have his good FB tonight usually throws 92 to 93 mostly 89 to 90 but still is getting it by them.

Makes sense.

USC’s first ribbie came off 0-2 I’m pretty sure. BK’s has got to correct that.

It was certainly a bad mistake but this thread is hilarious. The kid didn’t have his best stuff but he figured out a way to improve to 12 and freaking O against a slew of first rounders and other aces and you are unbelievable exclamation pointing him.

So funny.

Nortorious pig. Everyone on this board realizes Blaine didn’t have his best stuff tonight and how well he has pitched this year. No one was complaining about his performance. The count 0-2 and a hanger gets blasted for a solo homer happened you seen it happen just like everyone else. It happens but most of the time a mistake from Blaine is a solo homer that my point!

Right on Pig!

Wasn’t directing my post at you. I mentioned it was an obvious mistake and a bad one.

I just think the OP was funny. I don’t think everyone realizes how well he has pitched this year. Not when he gives up a couple of solo shots and gets the unbelievable exclamation point treatment.

I turn on ESPN and the announcers are raving about BK and I open this forum and he’s getting unbelievable exclamation pointed because of a bad pitch.

He’s undefeated and has the best record in the country. He has had an all-time great season and IMO has earned he benefit of doubt and certainly not unbelievable exclamation pointing over 1 bad pitch as he is one step closer to a historic undefeated season.

Lol the only time you ever hear from PIG when I say something it’s hilarious… nobody appreciates Blaine season more than I do but to give up another HR right after we took the lead was definitely worthy of exclamation points especially on a 02 count. Which is universally known as a waste pitch. DVH by the way doesn’t think like you he just threw up his hands afterwards I can assure you he wasnt thinking oh golly gee just one bad pitch. He was ticked because it tied the score at the we just took the lead.

Knight hasn’t had top stuff with all four pitches except for three or four times out of 15 starts. He’s not been electric this season. That’s why he wasn’t taken in the first two rounds. But he has competitive fire and awareness of what is happening with his arm and his pitches on every night. He figures it out. He has what Dave Jorn used to tell me was “pitchability.” He just fights, competes and figures it out each night.

That is Knight’s strength. He wasn’t a high pitch because of his skinny frame. There are some guys who add quite a bit of weight after they hit 22, but most do not. Knight figures he won’t be able to gain weight until he’s 50. That’s about the way the scouts look at it.

I’m going to admit up front that I don’t have statistics to support this, but my baseball buddies (Hog fans) and I have noticed for years now that we tend to have a problem getting people out when we start them with an 0-2 count. So much so that we grimace and simply say “0-2” when it happens, as we are expecting the other shoe to drop.

My buddy Paul attributes it to our pitchers trying to get “too cute” and dance around the corners with exotic breaking stuff rather than just going at their guys. Suddenly, you have a full count and then we walk they guy. And there is some truth to that, IMO.

On the other hand, my biggest gripe is when we have someone 0-2, no way should the next pitch be anywhere over the plate where it can be driven for a base hit (other than flukes off the end of the bat, bloopers, etc.). yet, we tend to give up a lot of such hits on 0-2 counts - as happened last night. I think the 0-2 pitch - and, probably, the 1-2 pitch, should be off the plate, but close enough where a guy might chase it. Once you gt to 2-2, you need to challenge him more - maybe a fastball down the middle, but a little up so it looks enticing but is hard to hit.

Again - I would love to see the stats over the last 7 or 8 years (when we first started noticing this and actively discussing it) and see how the results once we get a batter to 0-2 compares with baseball in general.


Period. End of story.

Must really be good on all the other counts.

Absolutely Wiz I agree when you have someone 0-2 you are in the driver’s seat and the batter is at your mercy he automatically has to protect the plate that’s why most people will throw low andl away off the plate or high up in the end neither one of those pictures you can do much with. If you could see Van Horn in The Dugout he just threw his hands up because he knew it made no sense to leave a ball up to be hammered out of the ballpark to tie the game. That’s why I said it was unbelievable especially for someone with blaine experience. I love the way he battles though he keeps us in every game you got to give him major props for that

And Dudley comes through!

School record is 13 wins in a season, set by Rich Irwin in the '79 CWSRU season and tied by Steve Krueger the next year; not done since.

Knight could break that if we go deep at Omaha.

not really. I’m sure BK hopes his story does not end with his 12-0 record. CWS to come…hopefully a MLB career to come. Any negative tendency needs to be and will be vigorously scrutinized and evaluated and corrected if possible in order to keep his “story” going. Knight will be the first to raise his hand in agreement.