0-16 in the SEC

I sure enjoyed the week off after the hard-fought loss to A&M, took a little beach time, etc. I was looking forward to beating Kentucky. Go Hogs!

I’ve been a vocal critic of Morris, but I was prepared to get on the “give him one more year” bandwagon if the Hogs could have won last night and beaten WKU. I felt like that Hogs might actually pull off an upset against another SEC team.

Then reality hit, 13 point lead blown, etc, and 0-16 in the SEC sure seems invevitable.

Anybody remember that Arkansas lost to Vanderbilt at home last year?

So not only does Arkansas football now go .500 against the non-power 5 non-conference teams, add losing to Vanderbilt and Kentucky to the list.

I don’t see how this team does better than 3-9. Sad.

If Morris goes 0-16 in the SEC, I just don’t see him surviving to see another year. Even though I think it would be an ill advised move to fire him just after 2 seasons. But if it does happen, he has only himself to blame.

I agree. I know that he inherited a mess BUT losing to 2 Mountain West Teams in 2 years is ridiculous! Starkel should have been pulled after 1st series of 2nd half when we went 3 and out. CCM maybe a good recruiter but he doesn’t know how to coach and his on field management is horrible!