0-10 TO

4 for 4!!
DF !!!
Now we need to put them away

Fletcher had a huge day and it was needed! He stepped up when the team really needed it!

I have no idea what’s to come BUT YOU never know who it’s going to be. Dominic Fletcher had his day. Actually he was due to do his thing!!

And we saw Casey do his thing and how about Barrett Loseke.

When I typed or started this my hands were shaaaaking, LOL

This game will give you the shakes. My wife and I were both
exhausted and collapsed like a ragdoll when we got that final
out. :smiley:

Boy, do I understand that sentiment

Since the SEC tournament I started the DVH stance. I am overly superstitious.

I’ll jump up and do my best DVH stance. Then if we walk a guy I cross my right hand first 2 fingers.

TODAY I jumped to Code Red tactics. Turn off the TV and run (or as fast as I can after full right knee replacement) outside to the radio. Now if it’s really nervous time I turn both TV and radio off. I do something for a couple of minutes. Then I turn the TV back on. Then just repeat those steps. Maybe cross both fingers on one hand. Then move over to my left hand. BTW I chew on my shirt, T-shirt bad. I have made myself STOP that because it’s not good for your teeth, but at this Level like the college World Series all bets are off.

Now ya think I’m worn out?? LOL

Any crazy superstition anybody would like to share?

IMO This is now the best team Arkansas has had in baseball. Will we win it all? I don’t know but sometimes ya just have to be lucky. Like dropping a fly ball for 2 runs.

1 more point. Just think we took care of Texas teams. (So far)

I appreciate you making those sacrifices for the team, 339. We couldn’t have done it without you. :smiley: