0-0 OM v A&M Doxakis has no hitter going

Unless A&M has taken him out. OM doesn’t have a hit through 8 at bats. The OM staff has only allowed 2 hits through 7. Looks like the first team to score a run will win.

Sounds familiar . . . see what happened to the Aggies yesterday.

No-No no more.

I hope they play extra innings! I don’t want the hogs to deal with the shadows this afternoon. But Ole Miss just scored off the bullpen so that should do it!

OM now has 1 run & 2 hits. Scored from second on a base hit with 2 outs. Interesting pitching duel.

Texas A&M allowed a combined 3 runs on 5 hits the last two days and lost both games. Wow.

Most Aggie thing ever. :lol: :lol:

Is A&M now out of the hosting picture? Went 1-2 in the SECT. They were somewhat on the edge coming into the SECT. Their series win against us probably put them into one of the last host spots. Now, I’m not so sure they’re still there.

It’s unlikely OM has played itself into one. As Matt pointed out in another thread, their RPI is in the upper 20’s. Their loss to us hurt them. I suppose they could host if they won the SECT, but that’s far from certain–and they’re not likely to win the SECT. They’ve used their best pitchers & have played one more game than 4 of the teams still in the tourney. It’s unlikely they win the rest of their games here.

LSU played nearly 2 games last night. Can’t see them having enough left to win it all. MSU also played 17 innings last night, but they’re probably good enough to survive that & win it all, especially since they didn’t play Tuesday. However, they face Vandy today. I’d hate to face Vandy the day after playing 17 innings.

Looks to me like Vandy is the team to beat.

I think Texas A&M will get one of the final hosting spots, primarily because of its series win over Arkansas. A&M may be the 16 seed, which would be interesting because I think Vandy is trending more toward the No. 1 seed right now than UCLA. An A&M-Vandy super regional would be really intriguing because of the way the Aggies pitch. Of course, they would have to make it out of the regional. They are offensively challenged.

Ole Miss’ 3-7 stretch the last few weeks has bumped it out of a regional host. In addition to RPI, Ole Miss has an 18-19 record vs. Quadrant 1 opponents working against its favor. Texas A&M isn’t a lot better against Q1 opponents, but it is better than Ole Miss vs. Q2s.

I think Texas A&M will host before Ole Miss.