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Whole Hog Sports Forum Rules

Postby BaumbasticHawg » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:31 pm

  1. These rules were created to make it clear what is, and what is not, welcome on these forums. Like any set of rules, everything cannot be covered in a simple rules sheet. If a moderator says something is not allowed, even if it is not explicitly prohibited by the rules, please heed the moderator's word. With this in mind, you are asked not to violate the spirit of the rules by pushing the edge of what is specifically prohibited. Ignoring a moderator's request will be seen as a full violation of the forum rules.
  2. When the rules are violated, moderators will do their best to adhere to the following actions (gross violations excepted):
    1. Warning via private message.
    2. Temporary ban. Reinstatement with private message to the moderator.
    3. Any further violations will be left to moderator and administrator discretion.
  3. Post with respect and civility. You don't have to agree with someone to afford them the respect to post their thoughts, and you don't have to like someone to be civil to them. If you have come to flame or you have an axe to grind, go elsewhere. This means no personal attacks - no name calling, no insulting comparisons (poster X is as dumb as a brick, etc.), and no editing of posters names in a mocking gesture. Do not use pejorative language to attack other posters, their character, intelligence, experience or education.
  4. Do not bash recruits or players. Many of them read these boards and they deserve respect. It is one thing to criticize coaches (following the rules in the previous item), but leave the students alone. That does not mean that you cannot discuss things done by student athletes, but keep it civil.
  5. If you see a post that violates these rules or is in your opinion inappropriate, offensive, or otherwise problematic, please report the post. You can do that by clicking on the exclamation point icon at the top right of the post.
  6. All moderating and board concerns will be handled via PM inbox. Do not use the boards as a public forum for private disputes or to contest moderating decisions.
  7. Do not post copyrighted material on this board. All other publications works are copyrighted. If you wish to discuss material that is copyrighted, you can post the URL of the material or otherwise link to it.
  8. This is a family board. Do not post to be crude. Posting images that include partial or full nudity, graphic violence, profanity or are otherwise unsuitable for a board for all ages will not be tolerated and will be removed. Linking to sites that easily access these kinds of material will also be removed.
  9. Religion and politics are not subjects for these boards. There are other sites on the web to debate these issues.
  10. Racial, ethnic and sexual (including anti-gay) slurs are grounds for immediate dismissal.
  11. Please do not use these boards to promote your product or company. If you are interested in advertising, please contact the advertising department.
  12. Flaming contributes nothing to any debate and discourages others from joining the discussion. Threads which deteriorate into flame wars will be locked. Threads which begin as nothing more than obvious baiting will be locked or deleted.
  13. Persons returning to the board under a different screen name after a previous banning can and will be banned without warning if discovered.
  14. Free speech is not applicable to message boards, so understand that these rules will be enforced. There is no problem if that means some of you don't want to post here because of the rules. Good luck in finding a new board.
  15. While posting here please remember that this is a very diverse community. Everyone must allow at least some accommodation for the sensitivities of other members.

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