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Re: Arkansas vs. Kentucky

Postby bakedhog19741 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:49 pm

Hogbacker wrote:
Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:35 pm
bakedhog19741 wrote:
Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:31 pm
Hogbacker wrote:
Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:38 pm

Baked my question is, as a fan base are we satisfied with the results that have been achieved since CMA has been the head coach? Just to be sure all understands the question is not about the character of CMA or are we better now than when he arrived here nor is it about how much better the recruiting has been or how many times we got to Dance or how many fans are in the stands, it’s are we satisfied with where we are as a program? Kentucky is the only dominant basketball program in the Sec along with Florida while Billy Donovan was there yet we are in the middle of the pack and here we are in late February just inside and could play our way out if not careful, not that I expect that to happen.I think we should expect more than to be in this position seven years in to CMA tenure. There’s no doubt we could do worse history has proven you right but history has also shown we can do better as when we hired CNR and CMA. I’m not calling for CMA job never have, but sixteen years of playing this scheme of ball has produced a 57% conference average. The question remains are we satisfied? WPS

The answer is yes, here is why:

On the old Scout board when Mike was hired I cautioned about the time it would take and how fast the fans would turn, the expectations were too high and people didn’t realize how long it would take to rebuild. I was told three things, 1. CMA is a Top 5 all time coach. 2. Look at how he rebuilt both UAB and Missouri 3. Mike, not Nolan was the reason we won the NC.

I said none of that was true. Everyone on here, even those that like Mike understands he is not a Top 5 all time coach. Look at the 15 years prior to CMA at each of his stops. We were the worst of his three stops, even though Swine, Dudley and a few others want to argue about Missery and AR. In the 23 years prior to Mike Anderson at Missouri the Tigers went to 19 post seasons and two Elite Eights. In the 10 years prior they went to 9 postseasons and an Elite Eight. In the 10 years prior to him getting here we went to three postseasons. And regardless of what people want to believe Nolan, not Mike was the reason we won the NC.

Also, I was told at that time by many now complaining that they just wanted to go back to the dance every year. If we go this year he will have 4 postseasons in the past five years. We have to get their consistently before taking the next step. Now, both Eddie and Nolan got lucky, as has been pointed out. Eddie lucked into the Triplets, and Nolan got MayDay. Mike hasn’t had that type of class yet. BUT starting with Gafford we have from 2017-2021 with those types of players coming in. Not all are coming in on the same year, but that type of talent is in those classes. So, he got us to the first step, if you wait another two/three years he will take the next step and maybe get us to the pinnacle again. I know people don’t like that but it is what needs to occur.

Oh by the way, I also looked up Duke. Duke avgd every three years as well (2.68) so they aren’t that far ahead of us, but I’d bet if you took out Coach K, Duke would be quite a bit worse. Getting lucky and getting two HOF coaches and incredible talent may have spoiled us. It doesn’t happen as much as some think.
Oh how I hope your right ! I think he can become a great coach, but not with the scheme he chooses to play at this time, due to no hand checking,TV time outs and reviews of critical plays plus drop off of our talent when subbing for starters. He will eventually get more talent but he can’t change any of the other reasons listed which all but guarantee you will not wear down the opposing team enough. I continue to believe the current style will keep us in the middle of the pack in the Sec no better no worse. Hopefully by the time Mike has finished his tenth season I’ll be the one eating crow and not you. We have a difference of opinion nothing more,no matter who’s right we both want the same thing and that’s for our Razorbacks to be competitive nationally and one of great integrity and where halfway there already. Go Hogs, WPS

I believe the issue is with the lack of talent on the “2nd wave.” I do believe that’ll be addressed next year. Something I’ve mentioned on here before. We have two guys Macon and Barford who can create for themselves or others. We have another Beard who has good nights and bad nights. Then you have a freshmen stud in Barford, but the other bigs aren’t that good. Gabe has a lot of potential, but he needs more time to get better, at this time next year he will be a key contributor. Then we have Hall, KY is the first time in a month I’ve thought he played poorly. Other than that, I’m disappointed with the other guys. Next year however, you could have as many as 6 guys that can do that Harris, Embery, Sills, Joe, Phillips, and possibly Garland. You also have an upgrade in the paint with Chaney, Henderson, Phillips, Gabe. Plus you will also have Jones and Hall. In my opinion Hall was our best defender this year, he won’t be next year, but he will be improved. The team next year in my opinion will be rolling about this time, longer, more athletic, better defenders, and better scorers. Then some of these guys will still be here in 20/21, Doakes, Moore, Moody, Peaster ain’t chumps. They’re more inline with the Triplets/MayDay. Now, I was hoping this year we’d get to the Sweet 16, honestly I think it depends where we land in the Bracket, but I don’t think we will get a good draw. Next year reminds me of 92-93.

Having said that, I do believe if CMA is getting us one and done in 20-21 then we need to evaluate the program and direction of it. However, if he’s getting us in the conversation every year (think 90-96 we were mentioned as NC contenders every year) I think we will be good.

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Re: Arkansas vs. Kentucky

Postby Rknsaw » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:51 pm

Just saw your response to my earlier post General. What is it with you? Does this board belong to you? I don't think so. Other people have opinions too. If you don't like it, why don't you just keep your mouth shut instead of constantly insulting people you don't agree with.

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Re: Arkansas vs. Kentucky

Postby GeneralHog » Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:38 pm

Rknsaw wrote:
Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:51 pm
Just saw your response to my earlier post General. What is it with you? Does this board belong to you? I don't think so. Other people have opinions too. If you don't like it, why don't you just keep your mouth shut instead of constantly insulting people you don't agree with.
This is a public forum and any opinion, including mine, is up for scrutiny. Lots of people post a lot of opinions and I say nothing. But if I think someone is totally wrong on any particular subject I'll say something. And the only person I've insulted was reddiehog, and I'm sure even he'll tell you that this has been going on for years between the two of us. Add on oinker, aka "oinkbait" to that list too. But I still like reddiehog, we'll just rarely agree if ever on basketball.

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Re: Arkansas vs. Kentucky

Postby reddiehog » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:47 pm

General, you have not insulted me. You do agitate me at times. Earlier I was not quoting Georgia fans, it was Bama and Auburn fans. Throw in some tar heels also. I have not liked MA as a coach since he was hired. I have met him and talked with him in length at the Peach Jam on a couple of occasions and he is a nice guy. I just don't like the street ball that he coaches. I also feel he needs to upgrade his coaching staff.

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